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strategic points
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We began in Argentina in 1987 where our family established exclusive "Nacach Waxing Studios" in three strategic neighborhoods of Buenos Aires.

As salon owners like you, our objectives were to please customers using a high quality product and maintain high profitability for the business.

So, we began researching to manufacture a unique formula that would allow a thin application, without having to be too hot at the same time.

After much research, many formulations, trials and revisions, we succeeded!

Other estheticians began to inquire about purchasing the wax used exclusively in our salons. Our clients loved the product because it is comfortable on their skin and effective without causing irritation. Our original salons have grown to perform more than 30,000 services annually.

Then it became our passion to develop the best strip band waxing system and to share this with the industry. In 1998, we expanded to other markets and registered the trademark, Nacach Wax, in the United States of America where it has been admitted by the FDA.

Since 1999, over 2000 salons and spas throughout the U.S. have been enjoying the benefits of our top tier depilatory products. We welcome you to our family and support your desire to prosper through clients that are delighted with your services and our products!